"Ape Mob" is an urban conglomerate, founded by Carleone Brown in the early 2000's. Carleone Brown's plan was to unite the best and hungriest MC's in the city of Montreal under one flag. However, to create such a super group would require patience, timing and proper leadership. His obvious first choice for the job was his partner in crime veteran artist Dialekt (aka Chad Game,) who would then assemble the perfect production team (DJ Manifest, Dirtwork, Jeune Skeez and Chase da Ape) to supply a sinister backdrop for a project of this magnitude. Carleone Brown and Chad Game utilised the  affiliations they had built over the years with Northern Lights stand out "Justice McFly", Sativa Gang front man "Wahlee Sparks" and Park X General "Akshun Man"; now combined with their day ones,  "IceGrill", "King Kali", "Clinton Sly" and Latin superstar "Paranoize" as well as new comers "Chilla", "Tre Styles" and "Charles Poe" to form a movement with over 18 Members. MCs to graphic designers,  DJs to vocalists, promoters to scorching producers and a brilliant sound engineer. They are the best at what they do, standing as a united front to put on for their beloved city. 

No Sacrifice. No Victory. #APEMODE #NatureOfTheBeast
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