Carl-Henry Lapommeray , (born June 25th, 1980), better known by his stage name Carleone Brown / The Haitian Boy Wonder, is a Canadian hip hop recording artist of Hatian origins.

The early Years

He started his rap career in 1997 as the 5th member of a Montreal group named Comatoze . In 2001 his 1st company ( EMP Higher Entertainment)  started showcasing artists in local pubs. Later on that year he developed​ Montreal’s  premier freestyle competition ( Who’s the illest Freestyler) which continued to  pave the way for the local hip hop artists to demonstrate their talents . He also helped develop Music Plus's Hip Hop Freestyle, hosted by Maleek Shaheed.

Current life

He and Chad Game are the founding members of a Canadian Super group (  APEMOB ) often referred to as the Canadian Wu Tang clan. Apemob released their 1st album  entitled Nature of the Beast in 2016 .He is currently working on his solo project “It Is I “.